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Like everything has a beginning, this is My!


Business Manger About Me

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amanda. I am 25 years old. I am a Brazilian from São Paulo, the capital city.

I have always lived a simple life, but I have never lacked anything. However, I have always been a very dreamy person.
When I turned 15, I had this wild dream of becoming my own boss, working for myself, and helping people through my work. But guess what? I had my heart set on making it all happen in London. The only problem was, I had no clue how to get there or make it a reality. So, I decided to dive into studying graphic design. Even though I didn’t know exactly how it would lead to my future, I started working in Brazil at a company called JCN Informatica, until an Italian company recognized my potential and hired me, I acquired extensive knowledge in various fields, including sales, customer service, visual identity, and design. I developed effective communication and presentation skills to represent the company to customers. At the age of 18 or 19, I was designing products to be manufactured in China and distributed in Italy, Brazil, and several European countries.

Subsequently, I ventured into television commercials and digital platform sales. After years of dedication to that company, I decided to take a risk and, despite discouragement from others, I arrived in London during the pandemic in 2021 with the intention of establishing my own business. The process is ongoing, and as a result, So Godoy Services was born with the purpose of transforming your dreams into reality, just as I am doing for myself. This is merely the beginning of my journey.

I appreciate your interest and time, and I genuinely hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a loyal customer in the future.

My mission is to assist you in achieving your aspirations.